Alice In Wonderland SFS


Script Information


Adaptation – Based on the book Alice In Wonderland by Lewis Carroll


Duration – 30 minutes


Key Stage – Appropriate for Key Stage 2 & Key Stage 3


Characters – 20 parts (including double casting)


Songs – Included within pack


Dances – Places for appropriate dance breaks are marked within the script


To hire this script please contact – Jenna Saiz, or call 07594 258027


TWAS Theatre’s adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s ‘Alice In Wonderland’ is a shortened version of the traditional tale. We follow Alice as she falls down the rabbit hole and meets the White Rabbit, who is of course late for a very important date. As Alice sets herself on her journey through wonderland she is guided by Tweedle Dee, Dum & Doo to the Mad Hatter’s tea party. She learns at the tea party that the White Rabbit has been captured by the evil Queen Of Hearts. Alice and her new friends decided it’s time to stand up to the Queen and save their friend.


Alice: What?


Hatter: For tea


Chesh: It’s tea time


Alice: Surely not, I fell down the rabbit hole at tea time and I feel I’ve been here for



Dormouse: No rabbit holes around here Miss Alice


Hatter: Rabbits don’t live in holes in Wonderland. Stupid girl


D’s: Uncivilised!


Dormouse: Why live in a hole if you can have a house?


Hatter: Rabbits wouldn’t show up to a Hatter’s tea party without a hat either!


D’s: Uncivilised!


Alice: Well, all the same it can’t be tea time


Hare: It’s always tea time


Hatter: Time for tea, time for tea. More tea more tea!


Script written by Rachel Jewson (C) TWAS Theatre 2015

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