As You Like It

As You Like It Landscape

Message from Director - Tom Foster

A Traveller? By my faith, you have great reason to be sad…

Setting As You Like It within travelling communities.
As You Like It has themes of sibling rivalry, gender identity, love and disguise (along with some pagan magic) so setting it in a traveller community makes absolute sense to me. Shamelessly contemporary, we’re in a world where the violence of family feuds is real. The expectations of how young men and women behave is paramount and to challenge that is dangerous and exciting. But As You Like It isn’t just about one community, so as we enter the Forest of Arden we meet other types of travellers; people in search of their own identities, people pretending not to be who they really are, who are all (in our version) attending a music festival in the forest. Here under the magic of the festival vibe, where the music breaks down the barriers of disguise, they fall in love and form relationships within this transient but happy community. Like many a festival.

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