Jungle Book SFS

Jungle Book

Script Information


Adaptation – Based on the book The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling


Duration – 25 minutes


Key Stage – Appropriate for Key Stage 2 & Key Stage 3


Characters – Minimum cast 12 members with a maximum of 20 double casting


Songs – Included within pack. Sheet music available upon request. (Please note requesting for Sheet music is an additional fee to the hire)


Dances – Places for appropriate dance breaks are marked within the script


To hire this script please contact – Jenna Saiz, twastheatre@gmail.com or call 07594 258027


TWAS Theatre’s adaptation of Rudyard Kipling’s, The Jungle Book is a fun and comedic adventure full of lively animalistic characters. The story follows Mowgli, who strays from his village as a very small child. He is followed by Shere Khan, a dangerous Tiger known to despise all humans. Before the Tiger can kill Mowgli he is rescued by the cunning Bagheera, a panther. Shere Khan vows he will return one day and kill the ‘man cub’. Mowgli spends his childhood in the care of a wolf pack and is considered very much a member of the family and remembers nothing of his life with humans. However, news of Shere Khan’s return travels through the jungle and the wolf pack is left with only one choice; to reunite Mowgli with his human family.


Mowgli: Leave me alone Bagheera I’m not going to the man village.


Bagheera: Mowgli, the Tiger will kill you. He hates man.


Mowgli: But I did nothing to harm him.


Bagheera: Men make fire. He is terribly afraid of fire ever since he was burned as a cub.


Mowgli: But I don’t know how to make fire. If I tell him that surely he’ll leave me alone, and I can go back to my family.


Bagheera: You can’t just talk to him. He cannot be reasoned with. And I’m sorry Mowgli but you cannot go back to Rama and Raksha, he may look for you there. We must go back to the man village. They’re the only ones who can keep you safe.


Mowgli: Fine. I can take care of myself. Just leave me alone.


Bagheera: I’m staying with you tonight. Don’t argue. We can talk in the morning.


Mowgli: I won’t change my mind Bagheera. I am staying in the jungle.

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