Pinocchio SFS


Script Information

Adaptation – Based on the original story by Carlo Collodi


Duration – 25 minutes


Key Stage – Appropriate for Key Stage 2 & Key Stage 3


Characters – Originally performed with cast 6 members however has a maximum cast size 16.


Songs – Included within pack. Sheet music available upon request. (Please note requesting for Sheet music is an additional fee to the hire)


Dances – Places for appropriate dance breaks are marked within the script


To hire this script please contact – Jenna Saiz, or call 07594 258027



Welcome to Italy! We follow the story of Pinocchio a wooden toy brought to life. His curious nature leads him to discover the wonders of Tuscany though through his travels he meets a peculiar character Signor Volpe who intends to use Pinocchio for his touring circus show.


Dr Owl: Who’s there?


Dr Crow: Me!


Dr Owl: No not you Crow. I heard another voice.


Pinocchio: My name’s Pinocchio. What’s going on here?


Dr Owl: You’ve been kidnapped. We’ve been here a while now – I’ve lost count.


Dr Crow: We’ve been here approximately 29 days, 4 hours and 31 minutes. Not that I’m counting!


Pinocchio: What is their deal?


Dr Owl: Myself and Crow here have some very special magic powers. They’ve taken them and now we’re too weak to move. They’ve been using our magic to improve their rubbish show.


Dr Crow: It’s the same routine every day. They give us porridge in the morning, and then we just sit here, ALL DAY in this dark cellar. The circus starts bang on 7pm every night and they drink all the profits until the early hours. We hear them taking the mickey out of us day in, day out, I can’t quite stand it any longer.

Pinocchio: Oh no! That is dreadful. Why am I here? I have no magic powers. (day dreams) I had this odd dream that I was in front of this huge audience, and I was being held up by strings and then there was this laughter…and I was humiliated…(thinks for a moment and looks at his wrists). Hang on, it did happen. Hang on a minute: I’ve been fooled haven’t I?


(during this speech Owl and Crow are looking knowingly at one another)


Dr Owl: ‘Fraid so old matey!


Dr Crow: Don’t scare the poor fellow Owl.


Pinocchio: They cannot get away with this. We need to get your magic back before we end up cooped up in here together, FOREVER, not that I don’t like you two or anything…it’s just well, you know…