Rapunzel SFS


Script Information


Adaptation – Based on the German fairytale assembled by the Brothers Grimm


Duration – 35 minutes


Key Stage – Appropriate for Key Stage 2 & Key Stage 3


Characters – 9 or 18 roles facilitates up to 30 students.


Songs – Included within pack


Dances – Places for appropriate dance breaks are marked within the script


To hire this script please contact – Jenna Saiz, twastheatre@gmail.com or call 07594 258027



TWAS Theatre’s Rapunzel is a fantastically fun adaptation of the classic Grimm Fairytale. After a pregnant lady is caught stealing tomatoes from her patch, the Wicked Witch places a curse on her. Rapunzel is born but immediately taken away from her parents in penance of the lady’s crimes. She grows up in a secluded tower; her only company her own reflection in a mirror. As time goes by we see The Kappa Guild, a group of keen explorers, set themselves the task to save Rapunzel and return her to her family.


Rapunzel :           Moth – errrrr… Who are you guys? What are you doing up here?

                         (as she holds her frying pan)


Harriet :              Wow… look at this place! It’s amazing!


Billy :                  Look at your hair! It really is true what they say.


Bella :                We’re ever so sorry to disturb you, please don’t be alarmed, let us introduce ourselves. My name is Bella.


Billy :                  I’m Billy


Harriet :              And I’m Harriet, but you can call me Harrie.


Rapunzel :          I’m Ra –


Bella :                Rapunzel, we’ve heard. We’re explorers from the Kappa Guild!


(The friends line up and recite this Mantra then SONG)  

Rapunzel :         Explorers! That’s amazing! I’ve read about explorers Lewis & Clark,  Christopher Columbus.


Billy :                That’s us! One day our names will be in books. We dedicate our lives to travel distant lands and discover new worlds.


Harriet :             Well as far as our parents allow us to.

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