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The Script For Schools offers unique performance-related opportunities for school students. Our TWAS Theatre scripts are originally adapted classic stories tailor-made for students to rehearse and perform within a classroom environment. These scripts are designed to be easily adaptable for large or smaller student participation with original music and dance routine opportunities.

What We Offer


We offer flexible school workshops ranging from a single day to full school week. We provide a team of professional creatives with experience in rehearsal practices specific for young people. We provide costumes, set & props if required, however, we often encourage students to lend a hand in the design and construction of set and costume.

We encourage students to take on creative roles such as direction, choreography and sound and lighting operation. The students learn first-hand everything it takes to put on a production, exploring skills not limited to performing. There are many students who display an interest in these roles behind the scenes and they get to work closely with our three workshop leaders to help bring the script to life. The process is very similar to those used in professional rehearsal rooms.

Hiring Scripts

Our scripts are also available for hire. All of our scripts are tailor made to specific Key Stages and can be specifically adapted to suit the needs of your school. We're passionate about designing creative and engaging scripts for students. For further information regarding hiring our scripts please contact us below.


To find our more about our school residencies and script hire please get in touch with us on - or give us a call 07757 417307.

Scripts We Offer

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Available Short Scripts

Available Full Production Scripts

Alice In Wonderland

All In A Tangle

Hercules (coming soon)