Setting Up Shakespeare

Setting Up Shakespeare

The main aim of this project is to ignite an interest of Shakespeare in students who will inevitably be studying him in both English and Drama in the coming years.


‘Setting Up Shakespeare’ has educational merit which is ‘there to see’ in just one day. We’ve left all our previous workshops safe in the knowledge that we had successfully engaged the students for a whole day in one subject – students we met with trepidation at the beginning of the day were the most vocal and satisfied after the performance.

Not only do drama and educational workshops teach students the subject matter (in this instance an introduction to William Shakespeare) without them realising, but our workshops also offer students the opportunity to develop their skills in ensemble work, team building, artistic development in performance and social confidence. With such a quick turn around our workshops allow students to bond instantly with one another and engage creatively together in working towards a fantastic, if concise, performance.

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