Treasure Island SFS

Treasure Island

Script Information


Adaptation – Based on the story by Robert Louis Stevenson


Duration – 25 minutes


Key Stage – Appropriate for Key Stage 1, 2 & Key Stage 3


Characters – 15 parts available (including double castings)


Songs – Included within pack


Dances – Places for appropriate dance breaks are marked within the script


To hire this script please contact – Jenna Saiz, or call 07594 258027

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Based on the traditional story of Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson we begin our play with the loss of Billy Bones, they come across a chest of belongings from Captain Bones and raid his treasures. Within the chest contains a treasure map and the black spot, which means your next to meet Davy Jones’s locker! Honouring Billy Bones and to rid themselves of the black spot Jim, Captain Smollett and fellow pirates set themselves on a journey to find hidden treasure on the famous Hispaniola. However a rival group of pirates led by the despicable Long John Silver intend to intervene the groups mission.


Silver: See. That wasn’t so painful was it?


Trelawney: Not physically no but the mental wounds will last a life time.


Sally: What are you going to do with us?


Mulligan: When we get to the island you’re going to come ashore and dig


Jones: And you’re going to hand us Flint’s treasure


Harvey: Then we’re going to leave you here


Silver: And you’re going to watch us sail away


Smollett: You are a disgrace to sailors everywhere


Silver: But an inspiration to pirates, Captain. Now give me that hat. We can’t have people thinking you’re still in charge now can we?

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